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Fundación Affinity

Creating a protocol for action after an online reputation crisis.



Strengthening the communication of the Fundación Affinity

The Fundación Affinity is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote and disseminate the benefits of the bond between people and pets, especially dogs and cats. To do this, they carry out various activities and projects focused on three areas of work: research, social action and awareness-raising.

In this case study, we present how we helped the brand to strengthen its communication during a crisis through an exhaustive monitoring and analysis of the opinions expressed in different media and channels, the extraction of conclusions and lessons learned to improve the management of the situation, and the development of action protocols to ensure that the organization was prepared for future communication challenges.

Facing a crisis and preparing protocols for the future

The challenge

The Fundación Affinity faced a communication crisis after receiving a very negative review from a consumer. The brand followed its Customer Care protocol, but wondered if this response and methodology would allow them to manage future reviews more successfully and avoid a possible viralisation of the case.

To help them in this situation, we carried out an exhaustive monitoring and analysis of the opinions expressed about the brand in different media and channels. With the data collected, we were able to draw conclusions and learnings to improve the management of the situation.

In addition, we reviewed in detail the crisis management and response strategy used to ensure that the organization was prepared for future communication challenges.

  • Online reputation management


The solution

Following the crisis experienced by the Fundación Affinity, we carried out an exhaustive analysis to identify areas for improvement in the management of similar situations in the future.

As a result, we designed a tailor-made crisis protocol that enabled the organization's communication and marketing department to know how to act in each case, with what type of response and which team members should be involved in this process.

This new protocol includes a system for rating the degree of crisis and clearly sets out how to proceed in terms of when, by whom and how the appropriate response should be given in order to prevent a possible reviralisation of the case.

The Fundación Affinity now has an effective tool to handle unforeseen situations and protect its reputation in the marketplace.

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