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You have to know what they are saying about your brand to create a good communication strategy".

Anna Vinyals, Directora de Comunicació and RSE at TRAM

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Monitoring the feeling of TRAM in Barcelona

TRAM has managed Barcelona's tram networks since 2004. In total, there are more than 40 trams running on the 6 lines that cross the city and the Metropolitan Region.

The project to link the trams on Barcelona's north and south lines via Avinguda Diagonal has been the subject of political and social dispute in recent years. Critics have considered the project to be too expensive and not cost-effective for the mobility of citizens; on the other hand, other voices have supported it in defence of sustainability and the prioritisation of public transport over the private car.

TRAM was interested in capturing the sentiment about this project and the general perception that citizens have of it compared to other operators. From Zinkdo, we provided our services as experts in active listening and online reputation management.


Listening to adapt the digital communication strategy

The challenge

The main objective of TRAM was to detect the currents of opinion about the Diagonal project, as well as the level of satisfaction of the users of the Barcelona tram network.

But it was not just a question of finding out what people were saying about TRAM, but also how the digital communication strategy could be oriented based on this analysis, especially on social networks.

The aim was not to change anyone's opinion, but to anticipate debates about the Diagonal project, resolve recurring incidents and modify the brand story to generate more positive perceptions among the rather neutral public.



The solution

From Zinkdo we proposed monitoring the digital presence of TRAM with a Social Listening tool that gave us real-time information about all the mentions registered on the Internet. The tool told us who was talking the most about TRAM and with what sentiment, and made a comparison with the situation of other transport operators in Barcelona.

In addition to configuring and optimising the tool to eliminate "noise" or results that were not appropriate to TRAM's objectives, we added an interpretation layer to distinguish relevant opinions from those that were not, to put the results in context and to make recommendations on strategic content and improving the story on social networks.


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