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New season of Rac&Go, RAC1's podcast on entrepreneurship

Zinkdo by Adsmurai has the pleasure of collaborating for a new season with Rac&Go, the podcast about startups and entrepreneurs. In each episode, the podcast's director, Oriol Llop, interviews the person responsible for a notable startup, either for its success or its innovative business model. The second edition of our collaboration is already underway and the first two chapters can be listened to on the podcast's website. Zinkdo's contribution, through its director Víctor Puig, takes the form of a very brief and direct summary of the strengths and most improvable aspects of the digital presence of the startup covered in each episode. "We try to add value to the company being interviewed, but also to highlight points that can be useful to any other entrepreneur who is thinking about what they need to do to have a solid communication on the Internet, or who wants to improve their marketing techniques on social networks and the Web," explains Víctor. In some cases, the entrepreneur's personal brand is also a notable point.

This effort to disseminate best practice for start-ups is based on the Zinkdo team's experience in developing marketing strategies for start-ups. The agency has had clients of this type from its inception to the present day. Our experience includes working with entrepreneurs in fields as diverse as cosmetics, tourism, medical devices, platforms that connect patients and doctors, or parking solutions platforms.

This diversity of models and experiences is one of the most interesting aspects of the Rac&Go podcast. In the last edition (also available on the podcast page), Zinkdo's advice brought value to models as diverse as food, sports, business incubators, cosmetics, elderly care, online motorbike sales, video games or technologies designed to make our lives, our health and our sexuality a little easier.

We invite you to enjoy the good work of the Rac&Go interviews, maybe you will find some interesting ideas for your case. And if you need a specific analysis for your case, do not hesitate to contact us.