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50 essential tips for better social media results

Nowadays, there's no doubt social media is a tool with huge potential for the communication and marketing of any project. In the same way the debate of the 90s over whether or not it was necessary to be online was quickly put to rest, today it is hard to turn down a conversational environment where customers, users or those interested in any topic are active.

The question today isn't whether or not to be on social media: the reasonable debate when resources are scarce (and they are in any organization) revolves around when to use social media, with what objectives, and with what resources. It can be just as ineffective to be all over social media but do it badly, as to not have it at all.

Moreover, social media changes frequently: every week there are new developments on one platform or another, every day there are new ways of doing things, and what seemed effective a few months ago does not necessarily work today. For example, it is no longer realistic for a company to have a strong presence on Facebook if it does not have a minimum budget for advertising or pushing its content to the audience it wants to reach. These constant changes confuse many people and generate a certain anxiety among those who decide that they need to be on social media, without knowing exactly how.

Our perspective is this: that which is essential doesn't change so often. Doing things in a meaningful way, with an eye on the medium and long term, being clear on the why without losing sight of the how, is what gets results. And it is with this approach in mind we have recently given several talks on the use of social media to entrepreneurs and SMEs not only in Barcelona, but also in Zamudio, Mondragón and Vitoria.

Here we share with you the presentation I’ve used during these talks, which is an update of some of the points I outlined in the book "Social Media: 250 key tips to design your social media strategy" which shows that, certainly, although between the book’s publication and the current moment, many "hows" have changed, but almost none of the "whys" in the use of social media.

In the presentation we look at guidelines for strategy and a few things to keep in mind when it comes to popular social media platforms. We hope you find this content helpful:

At Zinkdo we help our clients define realistic and detailed strategies on how to leverage social media, and in many cases, we also take care of content management and the measurement of results. If you need help in this area for your project, feel free to contact us.