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New evolution of Zinkdo: we join Adsmurai, the best Paid Media agency in Europe

I have excellent news to share with our clients, partners and friends. Zinkdo is once again taking a qualitative leap in its trajectory to integrate as an independent business unit within Adsmurai, the best Paid Media agency in Europe. With this merger, Adsmurai enriches its portfolio, so far very oriented to paid media advertising, with the range of services offered by Zinkdo: communication and digital marketing strategy, content and community management, online reputation management and comprehensive measurement of results in the digital environment.

This move between the two companies is best understood by adding two perspectives: business and personal. I want to share my reading with you because I think it explains what we want to do.

The business perspective

Adsmurai has had an admirable and spectacular growth in the last few years. In terms of clients, in terms of volume of Paid Media budget managed ($100M in 2021), in terms of strategic partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, TikTok, WeChat, VK and Twitter; and in terms of its team, which now comprises more than 200 people adding the Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Colombia offices. Many companies would be delighted to have this upward trajectory, but Adsmurai has the ambition to keep growing. Ambition and vision are among the words that best define the minds that run this agency.

One way to grow is to offer more services to its clients. It means a lot that its managers trust Zinkdo to expand this offer. For Zinkdo, this merger is a growth opportunity like no other could have. But the new scale we want at Adsmurai and Zinkdo will only make sense if the value we bring to our clients also grows; and this qualitative bet marks the height of the challenge and explains why the managers of the two teams are excited. We are sure that we will do great things for the companies that trust us.

Zinkdo se suma a Adsmurai

Personal perspective

A little over ten years ago, Marc Elena and I were freelance consultants working for advertising and creative agencies that needed freelance digital specialists. After a meeting with one of these agencies, we talked about future prospects. Marc was clear about the great opportunity of network advertising, about the possibilities of audience segmentation that platforms like Facebook could offer. My bet was that quality content, well thought out to position brands in the minds of their audiences, was an increasingly valid option. Soon after, Marc started building Adsmurai, initially focused on Social Ads. I needed more hands to do what I was doing and Zinkdo was born.

Almost ten years have passed since that conversation. In this time, Marc and I have been in contact, we have shared good moments in our companies, we have laughed about common anecdotes, we have suffered the bad moments that generate complicated decisions. And because of that, because we know each other, because we know that on the other side there is generosity, work (a lot of work), respect for the way of doing things, because we have gone through similar scenarios and we have similar scars, because I have met Marc's travel companions and I have seen and admired their professionalism and values... For all these reasons I am so happy and I know that Zinkdo will grow a lot and will do it in a solid way, contributing everything I can to Adsmurai on this path.

This leap forward and upward that we are making now would not have been possible without the people that accompany me in Zinkdo. The team has received the news with a mixture of excitement and vertigo, as it is normal: thank you for your trust.


Nor would it have been easy without the partners who have helped us by contributing their work in projects where their expertise was needed, and without the good friends in the digital environment with whom we have shared contacts, clients, projects, good times and suffering. The list is long and I am afraid to leave anyone out, you know who you are and how important you have been to me: thank you.

Obviously, it would not have been possible without the clients who have placed their trust in Zinkdo during these nine years. Thank you very much to each and every one of them. We have learned, we have grown and we have put enthusiasm and enthusiasm in your projects: do not doubt that this effort will also grow.

We have some exciting years ahead of us, I can't wait to get started!

Thank you.

Victor Puig