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How can I work with microinfluencers as part of my online communication strategy?

For the eighth edition of the Social Media Marketing Day event organised by The Plan Company, we wanted to present a working methodology describing how to successfully carry out communication actions with microinfluencers.

Far from the bubble of the big YouTubers and Instagramers, micro-influencers are those individuals who have managed to capture and retain the attention of followers interested in a very specific topic; the more specialised the better. Many of them have perhaps between two and twenty thousand followers, but these followers are so loyal to their content and these micro-influencers are so involved in the conversation, that the benefits for the brand are very noticeable.

This is quantified in the recent "I Content & Native Advertising Study" by IAB, which reports that influencers increase the probability of purchasing a brand's products by 59%, and improve the perception of the brand on 67% of occasions. In addition, a study by Takumi highlights that microinfluencers are 22% more involved in conversations with their followers, which increases their power of prescription for 82% of users.

The advantages range from drawing the attention of a very verticalised audience by topic, which allows us to position the brand in this area, to the generation of quality multimedia content, as well as the SEO positioning of a website in the case of bloggers and, of course, the recommendation of the product or experience.

En Zinkdo venimos realizando este tipo de acciones desde hace años, y hemos resumido nuestra experiencia en turismo, restauración, iniciativas públicas, expats, salud y deporte en una metodología de seis pasos que compartimos en el #SMMDAY y con vosotros en esta presentación:

At Zinkdo we have been conducting these types of actions for years, and have summarised our experience in tourism, catering, public initiatives, expats, health and sport in a six-step methodology that we are sharing at #SMMDAY and with you in this presentation:

©Photo: Eva Larrarte